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Are boring old PowerPoints and basic webpages a thing of the past?

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There are loads of different AI tools out there that you can use, but some of the most common are either focused primarily on words – helping you draft essays, research queries etc. – or on images, creating single designs to import into other projects.

Gamma is different. It’s a product that can help you generate engaging presentations, documents and webpages, and it’ll create the entire product – text, images, transitions and more. Plus, it has a host of integrated features to make using the finished products really easy and engaging.

No longer do you have to rely on your own creativity – now Gamma can do all the formatting and design work for you.

How Does Gamma Work?

Gamma is a really simple tool which is designed to help you create slideshows, documents and webpages with ease. It’s not just a basic template site though – it has AI built-in so that you can use a selection of intuitive commands, questions and other prompts to tailor your project exactly how you want it, with minimal effort needed on your part.

How it works is simple – once you’ve created an account on the site, you can get started straight away. You select the kind of document you want to make, and then give some upfront information about the overall subject and the kind of topics you want to be covered in the project.

Then with a click of a button, Gamma will start building out the content for you. You don’t even need to give it topics – just tell it an overarching subject and it’ll put together a slide deck that covers the typical content for that field.

While it’s compiling the content, you’ll also select a design template, and then in around 30 seconds or so, you’ll have your ‘finished’ first draft. From there, you can either start tailoring everything manually, or you can rely on the AI tool to help you make tweaks automatically.

This could include asking to view a selection of different theme options, or you might want to reformat a slide from a bullet list to a table with icons. Instead of having to manually move everything around yourself, you can just ask in a few words, and Gamma will make those changes for you.

Let’s delve a little deeper into each type of project, and the features that are available for each.

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Gamma Presentations

Gamma’s slide deck options are the core of the app. Gamma was primarily built with slide decks in mind, so most of the features are tailored towards this kind of project.

It couldn’t be easier, too – all you need to do is tell Gamma you want a slide deck, what the subject matter is, and then boom – you have a slide deck. Of course, you’ll want to tailor it, but so much of that can be done with AI help as well.

You’ll massively cut down on the amount of time you spend messing around with slide decks, making you much more productive in other areas.

Here’s a look at some of the key features of Gamma’s slide decks:

Artificial Intelligence

The implementation of AI is what makes Gamma worth exploring. You don’t have to navigate loads of different menus to make changes, nor do you have to add all of your own content. Just tell the interactive AI chatbot what you want, and Gamma will make those changes for you.

One-click Theming

When building traditional slide decks using PowerPoint or Google Slides, it can be tough to change the design. You can either do it individually by slide, which takes ages, or you have to mess around with slide masters that can be temperamental.

With Gamma, it’s all managing with one-click theming. Click a theme – all slides change. Don’t like it? Click another one. Need help? Ask the AI for more theme suggestions based on what you’re looking for.

Nested Slides

Gamma offers the option to set up nested cards – essentially slides-within-a-slide. You can make these visible – so that you can delve into a specific topic with a bit more information – or they can be hidden cards, containing all the info you need to present, without it being visible to your audience.

These nested cards are fully featured, so can work exactly the same as any other card you set up individually.

Wide File Support for Embed

Gamma’s cards offer support for a huge range of files and content, letting you bring your deck to life and make it as engaging as possible. It’s not just text and flat images – you can add gifs, videos, webpages and more, all of which can be controlled seamlessly as you present to make sure your entire document flows exactly as you want it to.

Present Mode

You’ve got flexible options to help you get your slide deck out there. One of them is traditional present mode – just control the deck exactly as you would do a normal slideshow, without having to leave the Gamma app. Present mode lets you flip between cards using the arrow keys, with a host of other intuitive controls available.

Spotlight Mode

Spotlight mode is a simple but nifty little addition to the toolset to use while you’re presenting. Hit the ‘S’ key and one element on the card will be highlighted. Rather than moving between cards, you’ll now move between elements, helping you to keep your audience focused on a particular piece of information, rather than letting them get distracted by reading ahead while you talk.

Constant Live Files

Your slide decks are constantly live on Gamma and are accessible to others. If you’d rather just let your intended audience scroll through a deck at their leisure, just send them a link. They can then leave quick reactions as feedback, reacting to elements of the slide deck so you know what resonated with them the most.


Gamma comes with a host of built-in analytics tools. If you leave your slide decks open to view, then you’ll be able to track which slides people are spending the most time on, when people are accessing your work and more. It’s not just about creating presentations and hoping for the best – you’re able to measure engagement and then develop and improve your work.

File Exports

While you can build and present your slide deck from within Gamma, you also have the option of exporting it to PowerPoint or creating a PDF of your work, if you’d prefer. It’s a handy option if you need to travel to a client and you can’t guarantee internet access. However, be aware that only those on the Plus or Pro subscription tiers will be able to export without Gamma’s branding on the cards.

Image Generation

As well as generating copy and theming your deck, Gamma has image generation AI to let you create any images you need for your deck. Just be aware that creating images costs credits.

Gamma Documents

Gamma’s documents are fairly similar to the slide deck options. If you’re looking to create something that maybe doesn’t have to be as visually appealing, but you’re presenting ideas in a structured way, then a document may be a stronger option.

You can still get Gamma to put together all the engaging content for you, whether it’s a business proposal, or a project brief document, or anything. Documents work in the same way as the presentations, using AI technology to put everything together. Documents are just a better choice when you’re using less multimedia content.

And once complete, you can leave it on Gamma for others to peruse, or export your document as a PDF so you can distribute it easily. Using Gamma to put together your writing ideas into a coherent document – often with just a single prompt – makes things really easy.

Gamma Webpages

The third option available with this valuable tool is the way you can create something like a presentation that instead sits on a linear webpage. The webpage then lives on Gamma and makes it easy for your audience to browse your ideas and content.

It does have to live on a Gamma domain, currently. The option to export web pages to a custom domain is currently in the works, but it’s not yet available.

Other Features

 The Gamma App has a couple of other useful features that can be extremely beneficial, especially for new users.

But before delving into those, it’s also worth mentioning the fonts.

Gamma comes with Google Fonts as default, giving you plenty of choice when creating your content.

However, if you want to upload your own custom font family, you can – provided you have a Pro subscription.

More on that shortly.

Ease of Use

 Most of the other features worth explaining for Gamma are the ones that ensure it is so user-friendly. Obviously, the key benefit of Gamma is the AI integration, and how you can cut the time spent on your presentation by a huge percentage just by getting the AI to do the hard work for you.

That’s the crucial part of Gamma’s package – but it falls apart a little if Gamma is hard to use.

Thankfully, it’s really not. Gamma’s user experience is excellent, with a really clean interface that is super intuitive.

Sure, it takes a little bit of getting used to at first, especially once you’ve built one project and you’re trying to navigate to something else you’ve been working on.

But within a short amount of time, you’ll have no trouble using the platform, and you’ll come to appreciate the overall quality of the tool even more.

As well as that, there are also helpful inspiration templates provided by the Gamma team to give you ideas on what you can do with the platform, as well as plenty of options for contacting the team if you need additional support. FAQ articles and social media links are all available through the Gamma app and website.

Gamma Pricing

Gamma starts as a free tool, giving you 400 credits that you can use on your initial projects. To put that into perspective, here’s how many credits each service costs:

  • Create a new project with AI – 40 credits
  • Ask the AI for help/suggestions – 10 credits
  • AI image generation – 10 credits per image
  • Continue – 2 credits every time you use the “/continue” or “+++” options to get Gamma to continue with more suggestions or ideas

Using Gamma without consulting the AI is free, so if you just like the layout of the app/website, you can set up projects manually without issue.

But there are certain features locked behind the upgraded services.

Plus Account

The Plus account costs the equivalent of $8 per month if you pay annually ($96 per year). If you prefer to pay monthly, it’s $10 per month.

This level of subscription gives you:

  • An extra 400 AI credits to use every month
  • The removal of the “Made with Gamma” badge from your projects
  • The option to export PDFs and PPTs without watermarks/branding
  • 30-day change history, compared to the standard 7-day change history
  • Unlimited folders to organize your work

This is a good option if you plan on using it yourself for occasional solo projects or as a self-employed individual since it’ll let you work on around 4-6 projects per month, depending on how many AI requests you make.

Pro Account

The Pro account costs the equivalent of $15 per month if you pay annually ($180 per year). If you prefer to pay monthly, it’s $20 per month.

This gives you:

  • Unlimited AI credits
  • Access to advanced AI models
  • Priority support
  • Custom fonts
  • Unlimited change history
  • More detailed analytics tools

It’s important to note that subscriptions are per user, so if you have multiple teammates working on a project, then you’ll need one plan for every person. This is the plan you’ll probably need if you’re working for a company that will be setting up multiple, complex pitch decks every month, or that uses presentations in meetings on a regular basis.

Enterprise pricing is available by negotiation for companies with 10 or more users working in one workspace.

Who Is Gamma For?

 Gamma’s AI generator software and wide range of tools make it an appealing option for a wide audience. It’s typically going to be used most by professionals who need to work on multiple pitch deck options either internally or for external clients.

But it could also be used by students – Gamma makes it easy to put together a project on any topic and can help students to learn the key facts around a subject or to build their own presentations to then deliver to classmates and teachers.

Whether it’s pitch decks or homework, this new medium shows just how much easier it can be to create engaging content, and all you need to do is start writing a few prompts.

Final Thoughts

Gamma is one of the more robust AI tools available, but that’s partially because it has quite a specific job. Unlike ChatGPT or Bard which are language models used for all kinds of copy tasks, Gamma is all about creating presentations and similar documents and focusing on doing the formatting and design work that you maybe aren’t the best skilled with.

Because of that, it really works well. The Gamma app is something that everyone should consider trying, even if it’s just having some fun playing with the features.

The fact that you can set up engaging presentations in a matter of minutes, and then use the built-in analytics to measure engagement stats and constantly improve on the projects you’ve been building is incredible.

Now, you’re able to make better pitch decks, with all kinds of dynamic content depth, and all you need to do is tweak some individual blocks using Gamma and its intuitive AI technology. There’s barely any manual work involved.

It’s a thumbs-up from us.

Gamma FAQs

Is Gamma AI Free to Use?

Anyone can sign up to the free Gamma app and use almost all of the features. However, you have limited credits which, once used up, won’t regenerate. There are two ways to get more credits – sign up to a Plus or Pro plan, or refer a friend to sign up to the service, which will earn you another 200 credits to use.

Certain features are locked behind the subscriptions and can only be accessed by Plus and Pro members, but you can try out most services without paying a cent.

Is Gamma App Worth It?

Signing up to Gamma is absolutely worth it, even if you stay on a free account. You’ll get enough credits to complete a handful of projects with AI help, though they’ll remain Gamma-branded unless you do choose to pay for the upgrade to Plus or Pro.

The Plus and Pro versions aren’t too expensive though, so if you regularly need to create slide decks and other documents, it may still be worth it for you to get a paid-for version.

What Are the Differences Between Gamma and Tome?

Gamma tends to offer more flexibility than Tome, one of its main competitors. Tome creates traditional slide documents that you’ll be more used to if you’ve worked with PowerPoint or Google Slides previously, while Gamma lets you get more creative.

Gamma also lets you work with documents and web pages, which Tome does not.

How do Gamma Referrals Work?

When you sign up to use Gamma, you’ll be given your own unique referral link. If you then encourage other friends or colleagues to sign up for the service using your link, they’ll get an extra 200 credits for their account upon signup.

You’ll also get the extra 200 credits, and it’s uncapped – so you can refer as many people as you want to, if you want to avoid paying the fee for a professional account (though you will still miss out on other premium features).

Can You Export Projects from Gamma?

You can export projects from Gamma, but they will be watermarked if you don’t pay for a subscription to the Plus or Pro service. You’re able to export your work as either a PDF or as a PowerPoint file. That’s the same whether it’s a document or a webpage, too. You can’t currently export files in any other format.

It’s worth noting that you can also import files too. You can import Google Docs, Google Slides, Word documents, and PowerPoint files. However, if you try to import Google Slides or PowerPoint files, you can only add the copy – images/slide designs won’t be imported.

How do you Get Started with Gamma?

You can sign up for a free account to get started with Gamma. All you need to do is create an account using your email address, and you’re ready to get started. Free users get 400 credits to use immediately, though once they’re gone, they’re gone, and you’ll need to pay if you want more.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to immediately start using prompts to create your first project, or you can look at public projects from other users/the Gamma team so that you can start to get used to what’s possible with Gamma, and how to make the most of it.

How do Gamma Credits Work?

Gamma Credits are the credits you need to use to make use of the AI services that Gamma offers. To create a new project costs 40 credits, while any time you need new copy or a new image created for your project, it costs 10 more credits.

You can also ask the AI tools to continue the existing work, expanding on a paragraph for example, or providing more examples. This costs 2 credits per use. Free users get 400 credits at sign-up, while Plus users get 400 more each month, and Pro users get unlimited credits.

How do you Host Webpages on a Custom Domain with Gamma?

At the time of writing, it’s not currently possible to create a webpage with Gamma that you can then host on a custom domain. The feature is being trialed with some Pro users, with a view to introducing it to the entire paid user base once it is fully working.

For now, webpages must live on a domain hosted by Gamma. So while you can’t yet use it to build a professional website of your own without the Gamma branding, you will soon be able to.

Can you Collaborate with Gamma?

It’s possible to collaborate on documents in Gamma. Anyone can sign up for a free account, and then you can connect with team members in a workspace, which you can give a custom name to help manage your projects.

When collaborating, users can work on a project at the same time or leave comments for discussion. It’s worth using your referral link to invite your colleagues to work on a project with you, since it gives you both free credits to use with Gamma.

How Reliable is Gamma AI?

Gamma AI is a great app for making presentations, documents and webpages quickly, but because it relies on AI language models, you can’t trust that all the information it provides will always be accurate. It’s still important to check the information in your documents, to verify its accuracy.

A lot of the templates provided by Gamma are exactly that – templates that you can tweak and fill in yourself. But because it uses AI to generate content, you have to make sure you are happy with the information provided and that it is correct.